About Us

My name is Graves Burke and to some I’m a Strategic Advisor, some know me as a Business Coach, and others call me a Consultant. If you’re looking for help growing your business you’re in the right spot.

I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug at a very young age. I realized that if I wanted to have freedom I needed to make my own money.

At 13 I got a paper route and learned what it was like to sell, deliver, and collect money for a service. I also learned that there were clients that were ideal and clients that were a pain in the butt.

This came about because my route was right on the edge of a really nice neighborhood as well as a more run down neighborhood full of renters and duplexes. The people in the nicer neighborhood were friendly, always paid on time, were clients for a much longer period, and even gave me bonuses during the holidays. Those in the duplexes (and renting) tended to be harder to collect from, had a much higher turnover (often times left me holding the bag when it came to paying for their subscription), and weren’t always very nice. So I focused on building out the part of my route that was in the more “ideal” neighborhood for me.

This lesson was so valuable because I realized that you have a choice for what kind of clients you bring into your business and I used this when I was a Professional Magician, Spa Coordinator for a high-end spa, and when I started my own Digital Agency in Seattle and Hollywood.

As you can see I’ve lead an interesting life full of entrepreneurial ventures. Everything from selling online, to providing high-end services, and consulting for multi-million dollar law firms and businesses.

Over the years I’ve worked with multi-million dollar businesses around the globe (US, Canada, UK, Australia, Hong Kong) in 43+ different industries.

Here are the areas I like to help businesses with.

1.  Get more leads into your funnel

   – Every business could use a steady stream of new clients/customers. The Bad News: “Field of Dreams” was wrong. If you build it they will not come.

   – You need to build it and then tell people who have an interest in your product or service and then they will come.

   – Contrary to popular belief “everyone” is not a good target for your product/service. The Good News: it’s easier than ever to find those people that would love your product and get a message to them letting them know you’re here to help out.

2. Convert more leads into clients

  – So many business owners treat their sales process like it’s a “one and done” sale. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

  – How many times did you look at your car before buying it? Chances are you searched for it online, read some reviews, test drove it, then still went home to think it over. Your clients and customers do the same thing with your product. so if you can help them make their decision you’ll sell much more product to the audience you’ve already paid to get in front of

3. Get existing clients to come back more often

  – So many businesses forget that they have a pool of people that love them and would buy from them time and time again.

  – If you start to reach out to past clients you’ll see your marketing dollars go much further and your sales skyrocket. One of the ways you can do this is with a “remarketing campaign” targeting past buyers.

4. Increase your average order size

  – this could be charging more for your services (when was the last time you raised your prices?)

  – or this could be creative bundles that allow you to charge more for the whole sale resulting in higher average sales.

5. Reduce Cost per lead/customer.

  – You can do this by optimizing your advertising campaigns. Many times there will be audiences that respond better to an ad than others. Spend your time and money reaching out to this people and you’ll reduce ad waste.

  – You can also achieve this by creating referral campaigns that allow your happy customers to drive new people to you every day for FREE.

Next Steps

If you’d like a recipe on how you can start implementing small changes for large growth in your business, download your free copy of my book.