Rave Reviews

Ali W.

Tampa FL

Thanks to Graves I was able to really see and understand my ideal customers. Once I knew who they were he created a message that spoke to their very core. None of this “Let me try and get everyone.” In fact my message was so spot on that I was get more leads, for less money, than ever before.

Do your business a favor and work with him.

Working with Graves was essential to my business. Before I was having to go to appointment after appointment in person. Think about all that wasted energy just to close one sale at a time. That’s time in the car, money for gas and parking, paying for lunch, etc. Not only that, but I wasn’t able to scale that process without burning myself out.

Now I have the perfect model in place that brings me my ideal clients in a way that I never thought possible. I get to help more people, have fun while doing it, and not run myself ragged trying to do it all in person.

Thank you Graves, you’ve really helped me transform my business.

Alex M.

San Diego CA

Jamin D.


Working with Graves on my business has been amazing. He’s got this uncanny ability to see things in a way that very few people can.

From helping me to identify my ideal customers, to creating an INSANE offer that people are chomping at the bit to snatch up. Don’t even get me started on his marketing abilities, we’d be here all day.

I’m extremely grateful for the work we’ve done together. He’s helped breathe life back into my business.